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04 August 2009 @ 11:11 pm
Long time, not PSP.

I've got a few icons from SYTYCD and BB.

+these are not bases


[19] So You Think You Can Dance Icons (Brandon + Jeanine + Kayla + Jason) {01-19}
[08] Big Brother 11 Icons (mostly Jeff/Jordan) {20-27)


enjoy the rest here at forever_blondes 
25 December 2008 @ 07:54 pm
Hello All!

I made some Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford Icons! yay.

[52 ICONS]

[+34] Tim Tebow Icons
[+18] Sam Bradford Icons


+credit is lovely!
+comments are even lovelier!


all the rest are here at forever_blondes

17 August 2008 @ 02:00 pm
We witnessed history last night. (sigh) Michael Phelps, you are one amazing athlete. I'm totally getting the Michael Phelps Inside Story DVD with all of his races in the 2008 games as well as other footage. Right now, my TiVo is overloaded with recordings of the Olympics that I just will not delete because I want to remember them forever. But, the DVD will take care of that :) It does make me quite sad to know that swimming is complete in these Olympics, excluding the open water swims. But it was definitely a fantastic meet for the Americans in Beijing. Congratulations to them all :)

Two days until my birthday, and I'm very happy about that! (: I'm having a little early celebration with my grandparents today. Fun stuff. I can't wait til Tuesday though because I have a very strong feeling that I'm getting a new car. And if that happens, I'll be beyond ecstatic. :D

Michaela's Birthday Wishlist:
-automobile (preferably a toyota corrolla or honda civic
-Away (white) Tom Brady jersey
-So You Think You Can Dance Tour Tickets (already been ordered)
- LOST Season 1 DVD
-Three Doors Down or Gavin DeGraw CD
-Clothes :)
-Gift Cards
-21 DVD

Anyways, I'm sure I'll be back to making more Olympics icons within the next few days, so be on the lookout for those.

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15 August 2008 @ 11:29 pm
Okay, so I've been terribly enthralled by the Olympics this year. I always am, but even more so for these games. My typical shows have been put on halt in order for me to watch the games, which is unheard of. ;) I've even skipped Big Brother during the initial broadcast in order to watch the Olympics. Cuhrazy.

Anyways, I've happily watched Michael Phelps swim every single day, and even though he gave all 'Phelps Phans' heart attacks tonight during the 100 Fly, he continues his quest for 8. He just continues to amaze me. His record tying race was just as Mark Spitz noted it, "EPIC." I cannot even begin to stop gushing about it. My goodness. He really is superman. And he has officially tied Tom Brady as my favorite athlete. (For those who know Michaela, this is a big accomplishment ;)) Wow. Okay I'll stop now.

Meanwhile, I watched the Women's Gymnastics All-Around Final last night and was sooo happy with the results. Nastia Liukin was fabulous as was Shawn Johnson. I was just about ready to hit the tv when the judges scored the two Chinese girls on the beam, but thankfully, I didn't have to because US still went 1-2. sigh.

Anyways, these Olympics have totally inspired me to make icons! yay! Here are just a few,

You can view the rest at forever_blondes!

Now back to the Olympics, :)
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15 August 2008 @ 06:34 pm
So if you haven't noticed, I've never been able to keep up with my personal journal here, only the communities. But I'm determined to keep this one updated from now on. I've deleted all my old entries, and I'm going to start fresh.

+new layout
+new stuff to come
+more journaling

fun stuff,